The measurement of excess molar volumes( ) in two-component mixture containing ethyl formate and 1-pantanol in the temperature range from 293.15K to 323.15K

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1 Department of physical chemistry, science and research branch,ahwaz branch,islamic azad university,Khuzestan.iran

2 assistant professor of physical chemistry solution thermodynamic field science and research branch.islamic azad university,Khuzestan,iran


In this study, viscosity  and density for two-component mixtures of ethyl Formate and 1-pantanol in a temperature range 293.15K to 323.15K and in different mole fraction measurements. From the data obtained, excess molar volumes was calculated and were correlated by Redlich-Kister type equation as a function of temperature and  mole fraction. Excess molar volume for two-component mixture  of ethyl formate and 1-pantanol in all  range of  temperatures  were measured and whole mole fractions were  positive and increase with increasing temperatures and chain length of 1-Alkanols.