Obtaining Optimum Conditions for Separation of SO2 Gas from Flue Gas by Response Surface Methodology

Document Type : Original Article


1 Department of Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Semnan, Semnan, Iran

2 HSE Department of Abadan Institute of Technology Petroleum University of Technolgy, North Bowardeh, Abadan, Iran


Removal SO2 done  by  designed  plant  in  laboratory  and  industrial  scale  has been always an important issue and it is because of its harmful effect on environment and human health. This research was aimed to determine the optimum process conditions to absorption of sulfur dioxide from mixture of flue gases by Response surface methodology (RSM). Using a novel ways of SO2 elimination from flue gas which is investigated as a  selective amine-based absorber with high performance in the Research Center of Petroleum University of Technology. absorption temperature (°C)-(40-60), desorption temperature (°C)-(100-120), liquid ratio (ml/min)-(100-400) and SO2 concentration (ppm)-(4000-8000) were considered as working parameters to investigate their effect and optimization on SO2 removal efficiency from the flue gas. Absorption efficiency to more than 99% , which would be a great achievement for the industry.