Subsurface Fracture Evaluation Using Image Log and Its Comparison with Core Data in South Pars Gas Field

Document Type : Original Article


1 Department of Petroleum Engineering, Petroleum University of Technology, Abadan, Iran.

2 Technical and professional university, Tehran, Iran.


A fracture is a naturally occurring macroscopic discontinuity in rock due to deformation. The structure of fracture has a large effect on many petrophysical properties. FMI is an image log that provides high resolution images of the wellbore that are based on the electrical resistivity of different layers of the Earth. Kangan and Dalan formations are the main reservoirs of South Pars gas field. Evaluation of conventional log and MULTIMIN interpretation indicate that K2 member in Kangan formation and K4 member in Dalan formation, are the reservoir members. In order to evaluation of structural features such as open fractures, close fractures and stylolites, processing and interpretation were done by using FMI log and then correlated to core data. Finally, 112 open fractures, 47 close fractures and 76 stylolites were observed over the interpreted interval.