Antimicrobial Edible Film from Banana Peels as Food Packaging

Document Type : Original Article


1 Service and Product Technology, Semarang State University, Semarang, Indonesia

2 Chemical Engineering, Semarang State University, Semarang, Indonesia


This research aim to utilize banana peels as main material of edible film. Banana peels are
combinated with gliserol as plasticizer and clove oil as antimicrobial. Plasticizer make edible
film more elastic and flexible. Clove oil as preservative of edible film that prevent growth of
microba, bactery, and mushroom. This reaserch is divided two steps, first step is making
banana peel starch, banana peels which have been pulverize, filtered with addition of water and
press with cloth filter until grouts not produce filtrate. And the filtrate is precipitated for 34-48
hours and then its dried. Second step is making edible film which add aquadest 100 ml, banana
starch 2%, gliserol 30%, and clove oil 4%.