Forced Convective Heat Transfer of Nano fluids: A Review of the Recent Literature

Document Type : Original Article


1 Chemical Engineering Department, University of Isfahan, Isfahan , Iran

2 Petroleum Engineering Department, Petroleum University of Technology, Ahwaz, Iran


Numerous researchers have investigated the forced convection of fluids, both experimentally and
numerically. A good understanding of characteristics of nanofluid flow has thoroughly been
investigated in these studies. In recent years, many researchers have tried to fill the gaps on this
subject in the literature. This paper reports on most of the forced convective heat transfer
literature occurring both in-tubes and in-channels regarding the use and preparation of
nanofluids. The peer reviewed papers published in citation index journals up to 2013 have been
selected for review in the paper. Classification of the papers has been performed according to the
publication years. The critical information on the theoretical, experimental and numerical works
is presented comprehensively for each paper.