Removal of SO2 Using an Amino Compound Solvent in a Regenerative Method: Investigation of Absorption Theory

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Research Center of Petroleum University of Technology; Abadan Faculty of Chemical Engineering, Abadan, Iran


Sulphide Dioxide (SO2) contaminant was captured selectively in a pilot scaled plant. It was
reduced from 8000 ppm all the way to under 10 ppm. The gas flow rate is including 14 lit/min
and the ammine solution flow rate about 30 mi/min. The operation condition including flow
rates, PH and absorption column temperature were optimized. The data were then optimized
using “Taguchi” statistical method. It was concluded that the absorber has the ability of full
(%100) absorption in a condition with a pH of 4, absorption temperature of 120° C, absorber
flow rate of 400 ml/min, and SO
2 concentration of 6800 in the inlet. Analysis of the output gas
flow demonstrates an average absorption of %99.95 for the absorber solution with a
concentration of 0.85 gr/lit. The history of the process shows that it is the first time that selective
2 absorption is done in pilot scale with such a unique efficiency.