Laminar Flow Modelling and Analysis of Helium Fluid into the Two Dimensional Pipe from Regenerative to Head of Cylinder of a New Alpha Type Stirling Engine (zero alpha) with a Internal Diameter of 22/6 mm and Length of 4000 mm by Fluent software

Document Type : Original Article


Industrial & Mining Research Center, Cycle Science And Industry Company, Tehran, Iran.


The Stirling engine is an external combustion engine that works with any heat source. Surrounded by
heating with gas pressure to the piston displacement and cooling gas, the piston reaches the initial
point. This paper explores the Laminar flow modelling for analysis and the results of its Laminar flow
modelling, for use in the analysis of the temperature and pressure of the fluid input and output to a zero
alpha Stirling engine for numerical solution and conceptual design, it can be used. zero Alpha engine
models should be such that thermal drops and irreversibility consider thermal efficiency of the engine.
The results of analytical model of zero alpha engine on the tables and graphs are presented and
validation. In addition, due to the efficiency of heater, regenerative, cooler are emphasized. Following
the introduction of this type Stirling engine by elementary two-dimensional simulation (zero alpha) in
the form of concepts such as the used fluids type to analyze fluid motion into regenerative pipe to the
engine cylinder head. finally the piece of regenerative pipe zero alpha engine by solidworks software
designed and assembled, with the help of gambit software and Fluent subsequently be analyzed.