The Analysis of Bismuth Effects on Reaction of Pyrogallol Red, Hydrogen Peroxide and Sulfuric Acid

Document Type : Original Article


1 MA of Chemical Engineering, Gas Refinery of Sarkhoon and Qeshm, bandar abbas, Iran

2 MA of Oil Engineering, University PNU, Bandar Abbas, Iran

3 M.Sc. of Inorganic Chemistry


By utilizing spectrophotometry, the present study analyzes the effects of bismuth ion on the reaction of
pyrogallol red, hydrogen peroxide and sulfuric acid. In this method, based on the previous experimental
samples, the pre-defined concentrations of materials are used. These materials included bismuth 100 ppm,
sulfuric acid 1 M, hydrogen peroxide 1 M and pyrogallol red 4 M. Based on the results, the effect of ion is
catalyzing in some cases and inhibitive in others. After all, the optimal points of each reaction in different and
optimal temperatures are examined.