Investigation of heterogeneous fractured blocks

Document Type : Original Article


1 Chemical engineering department , Quchan branch , Islamic azad university , Quchan , Iran

2 Department of Petroleum Engineering, Quchan branch , Islamic azad university , Quchan , Iran

3 Isfahan University Of technology , Isfahan , Iran


In this paper, we perform dynamic imbibition simulations on a large scale heterogeneous fractured block. The
purpose is to seek optimum conditions under which maximum oil can be recovered in large-scale extremelyheterogeneous reservoirs. In this paper, we only consider horizontal wells. However, we simulate both continuous
and slug injection scenarios. Various chemical solutions are injected. These include: water, polymer, surfactant,
alkali, and different combinations of them. For convenience of simulation, although this is not physically correct,
alkali represents the wettability modifying agent, while the surfactant is the agent that lowers the IFT to ultra-low
values. Therefore, a simulation labeled AS indicates that the injected chemical solution lowers the IFT to ultra low
values as well as alters the wettability from mixed-wet to water-wet. On the other hand, a simulation labeled ASP
does the above task as well as making the chemical solution viscous (polymer). The recovery curves are compared
and appropriate profiles are demonstrated in order to understand the results.