Experimental Study on Chemical Carbon Dioxide Absorption Using Porous Polysulfone Gas- Liquid Hollow Fiber Membrane Contactor System

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Ph.D. Student, Department of Chemical Engineering, Arak Branch, Islamic Azad University, Arak, Iran


In this study, process asymmetric hollow fiber poly sulfone(PSf) membranes using ethanol (0and 2 wt%) as non-solvent
additive in the polymer dope via phase inversion method were fabricated. Aqueous solution of 1-methyl-2-pyrrolidine (NMP,
>99.5%) was applied as a bore fluid and water was used as the external coagulant. The morphology of fabricated membranes
was examined using field emission scanning electron microscope (SEM).Fabricated membranes were characterized in terms of
pore size, critical water entry pressure, and collapsing pressure. The performance of fabricated membranes for carbon dioxide
absorbtion from monoethanolamine solution using a gas - liquid membrane contactor system was studied. The results showed
that carbon dioxide stripping flux and efficiency increased by increasing liquid velocity .Membranes produced using ethanol to
by 2% wt of
𝐢𝑂! excretion rate than other polymer hollow fiber membranes Poly Sulfune. The amount of 𝐢𝑂! gas was (3.9 ×
10!!) mol / π‘š!s that this amount of liquid flow rate300 ml / min respectively.