Gasoline Octane Number Improvement by Ethanol as an Oxygenated Compound

Document Type : Original Article


Department of Petroleum, The Fuculty of Engineering, Koya University, Iraq-Kurdistan-Erbil


This paper reports the Research (RON) and Motor (MON) Octane Numbers of gasoline blended with an oxygenated compound
“ethanol”. The ethanol concentration was varied from zero to 20%, resulting in a clear picture of the variations of the RONs and
MONs in all cases. The observed differences then prompt a systematic study of the variation in the RONs and MONs of ethanol
blended with two type of gasoline took it in the Bazyan Oil refinery-Sulaimani and one petrol station before and after isomerization
process respectively. Fuel properties of ethanol–gasoline blended fuels were first examined by the standard ASTM methods. Results
showed that with increasing the ethanol content, the octane number of the blended fuels is increased until some percent after that
any increase in ethanol percent will not affect RON and MON.