Synthesis of Liner Alkyl-benzene Sulfonate Nanoparticle Using Green Promoter and High Efficiency

Document Type : Original Article


1 MA of Organic Chemistry, Responsible for Prototyping and Formulation, Raysun Oil Company, Shams-Abad, Tehran, Iran

2 MA of Analytical Chemistry, Quality Control Manager, Raysun Oil Company, Shams-Abad, Tehran, Iran


In this study, linear alkyl-benzene calcium sulfonate nanoparticles were made using linear alkylbenzene. Calcium sulfonate nanoparticles are widely used as an additive in a variety of engine oils and have cleansing, anti-wear and anti-oxidant properties and anti-corrosion properties. In this method, a sulfonation set up was constructed and sulfonation reaction was carried out both directly and indirectly with Oleum, which in the indirect method had better yield and the amount of acid used was much less. Sulfonation was carried out on two types of light and heavy alkylbenzene the calcification step was carried out with CaO, and then the supernatural stage and carbonation with CO2 and CaO were performed for the first time with Ethanol green promoter, and The Total Base Number amount of for calcium was measured at different times. Carbonation time is very important and sensitive. In this research, residual sediments were reused in the carbonation reaction, and excellent results were obtained. It was also observed that the synthesis of linear calcium sulfonate nanoparticles with a high Total Base Number and a stable structure can only be carried out with heavy alkylbenzene C26. In this work, linear calcium sulfonate alkylated benzene nanoparticles were made completely transparent. (and) The Total Base Number 470, and the weight percent of calcium also reached 17.4, and the nanoparticle stability was also tested using the standard ASTM D2273 method. This result compared with two commercially available linear calcium sulfonate nanoparticles.